You can scalp Forex with no indicators. There are traders who are profitable with trading based purely on price. If you are interested in this kind of trading then you should learn more about:

  • patterns
  • price action
  • candlesticks and candle wicks

These topics are too wide to describe them in depth here. There are some good sources about them which I share with you below:

Patterns in forex scalping

Patterns work great in every market. If you are new to the topic, I always recommend Bulkowski’s books:

Check also his blog here:

yeah, it looks like site from 90s (probably is), but it is still updated. He writes mostly about stock, but you can

Another good blog:

Price action in Forex scalping

It is good to know even basics of price action. You can use it together with other inidcators. There are many traders who trade mostly only with price action. I highly recommend:


OK, maybe they trade on higher time frames, but you will learn alot about price action. You can find free articles on their sites, they also have premium courses.
With that knowledge, you can put it into scalping practice.

Candlesticks in Forex scalping

You need to know candles even if you want to trade with indicators. You use candlesticks in price action or pattern trading. Still, it is good to read first about candles itself.

Day trading and scalping guide - menu:

Basic info about day trading:

Management in day trading:

Indicators in day trading

Oscillators in day trading: