Nice moves [trading day summary]

Hi. My posts are not that frequent, because of my dads healt problems. I do not want to write about my personal life because this is a trading blog. Just wanted to say that there are times when you need some extra cash – like in this example. I’m just glad that I can make money on forex and be able to help.

Anyway, to the summary.

As I wrote on weekend, we have nice moves and trade opportunities. On eur/usd there was a nice ABCD pattern, which started to form on Monday. After correction to 50% we had a signal to sell and move lasted down to the 138.2% extension. 15 min eur/usd:


I think that from that pattern we may watch for another extensions (if eur/usd continue to move down).

Also there was a nice move on usd/jpy. After correction up to the 38.2% price stopped at 38.2% retracement (to be precise: exactly at the 100 simple moving average). 15 min. usd/jpy:


You could also hunt for trades on 5 min. charts (like I did), but today it was about 15 min. charts and bigger patterns.