Swing trading with Fibonacci tools - 2.0

Details: Over 145 pages with practical strategies for swing trading with Fibonacci
Last Updated: March 2019
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How Fibonacci helped me

When I switched to Forex, I struggled a lot.

My first years in stock trading were pretty promising so I was feeling good about trying something different.

Long story short, first years in Forex trading were very hard. Not like “I’ve blown 10 accounts” hard, but still it was hard for me to be consistent. If I had a good winning period, then next there was a period when I was losing all my previous profits.

I’ve read a ton of books, tested many systems. I’ve narrowed my problems to a few main areas:

  • I was following risk management most of the time but there were situations when I was going all in (casino-style). This was a time when I was losing all my previous profits.
  • There were many traps which I fell into. Of course, we have some traps at any market but I noticed that there were much more traps in Forex trading than in stock trading. For example, I stopped to trade breakouts because all that old knowledge – breakout and retest was not working too good.
  • I was trading with the trend, but the market was suddenly changing directions. Sometimes it was a temporary change, sometimes change in trend direction. When I was trying to keep the position open for longer (a few days or weeks), I was usually stopped out because of these sudden changes. Then I was trying to trade on lower time frames to avoid these changes but here I noticed even more traps and surprises.

It was all very confusing. After much more research I understood the main problem.

I was opening trades in the wrong places. For example, when I was going long on the breakout, pros were already in the trade since the end of the correction and they were getting ready to take profits. When I was trying to keep trade open for a longer period of time pros were closing their trades at a Fibonacci extension or pivot lines and were trading in opposing direction.

It changed when I started to use Fibonacci and pivot points. Thanks to the Fibonacci technique I am able to:

  • open trade during a correction with very good risk reward ratio
  • find the best places where a move may end which are best to take profit and close my trades

I started to build my trading strategy around Fibonacci levels and my results started to get better and better.

How Fibonacci can help you


This is a guide for people with some, even basic, trading experience. I show you how can you trade with Fibonacci, but you should have some knowledge about trading.

You don’t have to be a daytrader. You can have a job and use Fibonacci as swing trading strategy on higher timeframes. That is one of the biggest misconceptions that you have to be in front of the screen all the time. I know traders who have great results and they trade on 4-hour or daily timeframe.

If you want to trade on lower timeframes that’s fine. Fibonacci works on every timeframe. Simply don’t put pressure on yourself that you have to day trade to make money. I write about it later in the section about money management.

As the name states, you will learn how to swing trade with Fibonacci tools. People often use Fibonacci tool for the basic task (for example to open a trade at 61.8% retracement). There are so many different ways you can use Fibonacci tools. Especially joining Fibonacci with Pivot Points can give you great setups. This is my favorite strategy and I think you will love it.

There is a part about opening a trade – you will learn how to use Fibonacci Retracement tool. You will also learn which strategies work best, I show you few different ways to confirm your entry.

There is also a part about closing a trade – you will learn how to use Fibonacci projections to select best exit points. I also write about other techniques which will help you maximize your profits.

I show you different ways you can trade with Fibonacci. In the end, it will be your task to select the strategies that work best for you.

In a nutshell, learn...

  • how to use Fibonacci Retracement to open trades at best places
  • how to use Fibonacci Extension to close trades at best places
  • when to open a trade (more than 13 strategies)
  • when to close a trade to maximise your profits
  • the best ways to manage trades (partial close strategies)
  • how to join Pivot Points with Fibonacci tools
  • how to use Fibonacci tools on any timeframe, any market
  • how to backtest your strategy
  • how to follow proper risk management plan

Check what's inside

If you want to see what is inside this ebook, check table of contents below.

Introduction to Fibonacci tools, market structure

How to use Fibonacci tools, set up charts, select best time frames and more

Entry strategies

13 different strategies (with price action and other tools) to open a trade with help of Fibonacci

Close strategies

More than 5 different ways to close your position. Learn how to maximize your profits with partial close.

Management of risk, money and trades

The most important part of each trading plan. I will show you how to manage trade when you trade with Fibonacci.

Backtesting your plan

Backtesting is super helpful because it allows you to test your strategy in practice. I show you different tools you can use to backtest.

Psychology and trading

Psychology is crucial if you want to make a living from a trading. I share with you some most important lessons from my past.

•    About this guide
•    Who is it for
•    What will you learn
•    How much money can you make by trading with these methods

Chart setup

•    Setup in Metatrader
•    Setup in TradingView
•    Levels to use in your setup

Timeframes, market structure, different trading styles
•    Market structure
•    You always start by analyzing higher timeframes
•    Which timeframe is best for trading
•    Day trading vs swing trading
•    Long term trading

Before we move to the entry strategies
•    Important – contrarian trading (how to think like a Fibonacci trader)
•    Fibonacci is not a trend trading
•    Your job – finding best RR setups
•    Candle close, confirmation from the price
•    Types of corrections
•    Fibonacci – does it work?
•    Fibonacci works both ways – why is this confusing

Entry strategies
•    How to draw the retracement levels? It is easy like ABC
•    Strategy – right at retracement line
•    Price pattern, price actions strategies
•    Fibonacci combined with oscillators – strategies
•    Fibonacci combined with moving averages – strategies
•    Strategy – Fibonacci and the envelope zone
•    Strategy – Fibonacci and trend lines
•    Fibonacci and Pivot Points strategies
•    Fibonacci and zones
•    Strategy – entry based on divergence
•    Strategy – entry measured with an extension on the correction
•    Strategy – breakout entry
•    W-M strategies
•    Strategy – entry on a correction after trendline break

Close strategies
•    Two types of Fibonacci tools for finding possible targets
•    Fibonacci Expansion explanation
•    Fibonacci Extension explanation
•    Strategy – close at single extension
•    Strategy – partial close
•    How to close part of the trade
•    Strategy – close at retracement from bigger swing
•    Strategy – close with the help of divergence
•    Strategy – use CCI to close a runner
•    Strategy – close with the help of the zone
•    Strategy – Fibonacci from the first swing
•    Which extension lines work best?
•    Strategy – close between A and B

Management of risk, money, and trade
•    Breakeven
•    How much risk per trade
•    How many trades at the same time
•    What leverage is right for you
•    Correlations
•    Backtesting your trading plan

Psychology and trading
•    Overtrading
•    Mechanical trading
•    How to follow your risk and money management
•    How much time to spend on charts
•    FOMO
•    Trading journal
•    Taking breaks
•    Avoid social media noise

In the end

About Simon

I trade stocks since 2005 and Forex since 2012. What I’ve learned over this time is that it is possible to make money in the markets, but in the beginning, it is bloody hard…

I live in Europe. Trading is my passion. I know how trading can change your life. That’s why I like to help people and teach them how to trade and make money.

Swing trading with Fibonacci tools changed drastically my results. I strongly believe that this is one of the methods to use if you want to be successful.

What people say about my courses

I am most grateful for this work.
You are super good. You have increased my confidence to now trade again after several trials. I believe this guide is going to work for me too.
Adam S.
Hello Simon, I have read up a lot of articles on Fibo trading but shallowly understood them. But man alive, with you it just became clearer and easier to do. You are a natural. Thank you a lot for being the kind and generous person that you are.
This is the Best tutorial I have seen on fibo. I have downloaded my PDF. Thanks a lot. God Bless you.
Rob W.

Swing trading with Fibonacci tools - 2.0

Details: Over 145 pages with practical strategies for swing trading with Fibonacci
Last Updated: March 2019
Return policy: No risk, 7 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Format: PDF (instant download)

USD $47

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I trade stocks - will strategies from your book work there?

Yes. Fibonacci works in any market. If you trade stocks then you can easily find good Fibonacci setups on any time frame. Just remember that you should be looking for stocks that are trending.

Is this guide good for new traders?

You should have some basic knowledge of trading. You should know different types of charts, differences between range moves and trend moves. Basic knowledge about market structure and price action will also be helpful but is not necessary. Overall, this guide can be used by new traders. In the end, you should backtest strategies described in this guide before using them in real life. Thanks to that this is a safe method to check and learn methods described in this ebook.

I trade Forex - will strategies from your book work there?

Yes. I also trade mostly FX market. Swing trading with Fibonacci works great in Forex. Of course, we can’t forget that other aspects like analysis of higher time frames, checking news and data releases is very important. You can base your strategy on Fibonacci, but you should remember about other factors which can move the market.

I have a full-time job. Can I trade with your strategies?

Of course, that’s how I started. You can easily apply them to 4-hour, daily or weekly charts. Higher time frames are better for many traders so you are not missing anything. As some traders say, fewer trades are better. If you trade less then you focus on the quality of your trades. Thanks to your job you don’t spend the whole day in front of the charts. That way it is less likely that you will overtrade which is a common problem for new traders. Addition bonus – on higher time frames you can catch bigger moves which can still make you some good money.

Is this a ready trading system?

Yes and no. I described more than 20 strategies which you can use to open and close a trade. You have to select the ones you like best. There are some traders who prefer price action to confirm entries, others prefer having some sort of technical indicator. I did my best to cover it all. Backtest them and take elements that work best.

What if I will have some more questions?

You can always write to me and ask a question. I plan to create a group/community for all traders interesting in learning how to trade. This will be announced in the future.

How much practical information and how much theory is there in this ebook?

I would say 20% of the content is the theory and explanation of specific topics. I felt that this part was necessary because each trader comes from a different background. The rest 80% is a description of strategies and is all about practical information which you can use in your trading.

Is this guide good for experienced traders?

If you have a good experience with pattern trading, price action or techniques other than Fibonacci and you want to learn how to use Fibonacci then this is a guide which should be very helpful. Some strategies are simple, some are more complicated. You definitely should find some ideas to add them to your trading system. Knowledge about other aspects of trading such as understanding of price action is a great help when it comes to Fibonacci and can increase your results.

Are these risky strategies?

With Fibonacci, you are able to enter a trade early, during a correction. Thanks to that you have a good risk-reward ratio. If you manage your trade in a proper way (follow risk management plan) then with these strategies you should find success. Still, if you open too big position, decide to go with risk bigger than 1-2% or go without stop loss then it is not the fault of the strategy. Remember that there is no strategy with 100% winning ratio. You have to understand that there will be some losing trades and this is a part of the trading. That is a reason why proper money and risk management are so important.

Hey fellow trader. Remember that there is a free fibotrading newsletter :)