Improve your trading with these 9 tools

Simple tools and strategies which will improve your trading results without building complicated system. They work with Forex, stocks and commodities.

  • Which tools will help you to select best take profit targets
  • How to spot reversal moves
  • How to enter with best Risk Reward ratio
  • How to manage your position better
  • How to follow 1-2% risk rule
  • How to build solid trading plan which works
  • And more
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You need some practice and experience to find a specific chart pattern, follow a trading plan or manage your trade. Still, there are tools that can help you with many things in your trading.

Markets are moving fast. It is easy to miss many opportunities, especially when you are switching between time frames or instruments.

There is also a psychological aspect. How many times did you miss that great entry to watch a strong move right after that? How many times you did not close a trade but you should? How many times have you removed stop loss? There are so many mistakes that even experienced traders make from time to time. If you can add tools to your trading then you can avoid some of them.

In this workshop, I will talk about 9 tools that helped me to improve drastically my trading results. These are tools that you can use in Forex or stock market. I really believe that they can help you the same way they helped me. Maybe you will be familiar with some of them but few should be a surprise for you.

Find your edge

Some tools and strategies can give you an edge over other traders such as:
  • Don’t miss important support and resistance levels watched by institutional traders
  • Avoid trades with low Risk Reward ratio
  • Close trades where institution are taking profits
  • Backtest, develop and follow your trading plan
  • Seperate emotions from your trading
  • Analyze different time frames at the same time

I talk about tools which can help you to find your edge in this free 1-hour workshop.

I started Market Survival to help you

Hi, Simon here. For years I had trouble with my consistency in trading. I put a lot of work and research to change that. I managed to do that but I want to share my knowledge with others. I like to trade and help others to make money. That is why I started Market Survival blog.

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